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on May 18, 2012 in K&M Adventures, Landscape Photography

K&M Adv hits SD!

We’re up in the Blackhills of SD and man, it’s gorgeous! We headed out to a gorgeous sunrise only to find the thunderstorms from the night before still hanging about. Now it’s really no secret, I love clouds, they call me Mr Clouds so we had to stop! The thermal action kept them on the move, shape and density constantly changing while we stood there and all day long. The key to me in making the shots are the subtle shades of gray along with some element to give them scale. In these examples I used HDR and landscape to capture those elements. Photographically, the D4 and 18AF worked their magic. I’m finding though with the D4 and its new sensor that single click cloud photos along with ACR is producing more cloud shots that I like then HDR. mtc…