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on May 22, 2012 in Camera Tech

D4 & HDR

Just getting back to the office after a day of travel after a GREAT K&M Adventure in SD (thanks gang for joining us!) While I have a whole bunch of images yet to post from the Adventure, wanted to just take a moment to pass along something I learned about the D4 this past week. This is the Interior of Sanfords Grub & Bar in Rapid City. It’s a eatery I go to every time I head to the Blackhills so took the gang there, twice. Stopped there to eat on the way to the airport and nearly everyone took their cameras in this time because as you can see, it’s a colorful place to say the least. It has lots of local color plus a whole bunch of lights. Indoors, lots of charm and color, screams HDR, donja think?

I like this bottom frame the best, I just like how the leading lines go with the color. The way I like to use HDR is not the “Elvis on Velvet because I can’t make a picture any other way of a boring scene rather then walk on by method,” but rather to compress exposure. Inside like at Sanfords, you have the bright lights and the dark shadows, seems like a natural for HDR to pull the information from both extremes. But what I learned about the D4 this past week is, HDR unless in real extreme conditions, you doen’t need to do HDR to make the image work. The D4 can do it in one click! You’re looking at two examples of what I mean right here. These are just 1 image clicks taken with the D4 and 24f1.4AFS handheld! As I’ll discuss in the upcoming BT Journal, the D4 has what I feel is a 6stop dynamic range and that makes all the difference in the world to me. Just to screw with you a little, I used Glamor Glow from Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to give this that “HDR” look, but these are simple, 1 image clicks processed in ACR. I’ll post a video this week to talk about this more. But to me, this is huge as it makes life simpler and photography funnier. That’s one thing I learned this past week.