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on May 23, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Short Lenses Work Magic!

The 400mm lens taught me so much about wildlife photography! I chronicle many of its lessons in my book Captured, the most important is getting close physically. If you are 60′ away from a subject and you get closer cutting the distance in half to 30′, you have more then doubled the focal length of your lens. And the best part, it didn’t cost you a dime! Then when you are closer, you have to think about the background to visually make the subject pop. You need to add to that light, gesture and color and you have the makings of a clean critter photo. That’s exactly what I did here with this Mountain Bluebird. Shooting with the D4 and 200-400VR2, I simply cut close physically to make the shot!

These are skills that take time in honing. And before you can hone them, you need to have the basics in which they work so you can hone them to fit your style of photography. That’s why we came up and are offering the Short Lens Wildlife Photography Course. Now it really doesn’t matter what lens you have, a 105, 70-200, 300, 400, 500, 600, the skill base that is required to make the shot is all the same. The only difference is the lens in you and what YOU want to say in your photograph. That’s what we’ll spend two days talking about, discussing and at times shooting. While this might be a classroom based course, we will have critters to photograph because that’s the only way I know of teaching and learning these important skills. So if you would like photographs like you see above or on this site in your library, come on tell and I’ll share all I know to help you make that happen! 760.924.8632, call today!