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on May 25, 2012 in Aviation

Doolittle Reunion – Plane & Pilot

I was incredibly fortunate to participate in the 70th Reunion of the Doolittle Raiders last month in Dayton, OH. Jake & I shot a boat load of images and written a number of pieces on the reunion. My first one is out in Plane & Pilot and you can see the web version here Doolittle Reunion. But I would encourage to pick up a hardcopy if you’d like to see what the D4 can do. All these images were taken with the D4 which includes the doubletruck. The results are stunning as far as I’m concerned but I invite you to see for yourself.

The photo above was taken from the nose of “Maid in the Shade,” my ride to the Reunion. What you see are 18 B-25s lined up before us, those that landed before we did and are waiting to taxi over to the static display area. The leaned back as far as I could in the greenhouse and made the shot with the 18AF. The D4 was the perfect tool for a number of reasons. I shot a bunch of video. It has that killer 10fps but the one feature I can’t speak highly enough about is its 6 stop dynamic range! Look at this photo, this is a single click and you can see detail inside and out. We are taxing, there was no way to do a 5 image HDR and with the D4, I’m finding I just don’t need to. If you’ve not checked out, this video might provide some more insight.