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on May 25, 2012 in Landscape Photography

“I Didn’t Appreciate Them Before”

By the third day of our K&M Adv in SD, we’d chased clouds a bunch. The activity was amazing with the moisture in the air and the heat coming off the landscape. The formations I’ve already posted demonstrate just how dynamic the skies had been. It’s when we stopped for this formation that one of the adventurers came up to me and said, “I didn’t appreciate them before!” He went on to say he had always seen clouds but he had never really seen them as subjects, as sculptures floating around to be photographed.And when there is this much activity in the skies, fleeting!

We were driving down the road when Chris who was riding shotgun pointed up and smiled. Driving, I couldn’t see what he was seeing but knew to find a place to pullover. Everyone was driving with a camera in their lap since getting out “Chinese Fire Drill” fashion happened when on adventure. I got to see this great cloud, saw it’s dynamics and knew I had to move fast. I grabbed the 18mm and shot. The cloud itself is great, it has a shape that was very challenging though to me. While I love to photograph clouds, there has to be something with them. A foreground, some earthly anchor to give them scale and place. There really wasn’t a great one here and with clouds, it’s not like you can drive around until you find the right foreground. This cloud formation was gone in less then 10min. Pretty anger skies!

There are many ways you could finish such a photo and when I originally took it, I was thinking B&W. But when I got in on the monitor in ACR, I knew I needed that little bit of green at the bottom to tell just how angry this cloud was. The last piece of finishing then was in PS when I used Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4 > Detail Enhancer on just the clouds. It brought small details in the wisps that I think was needed. One of the highlights of the K&M Adventure for me is when the adventurer came up and said, “Now I see Clouds!”