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on May 29, 2012 in Field Reports

D4 Firmware Update – Update 05.30

D4 Firmware Update | D800 Firmware | D800E Firmware

D4 Firmware “fixes:”
When a still image was captured while viewing existing images in playback mode, the monitor turned off, the memory card access lamp glowed steadily, and, in some rare cases, the camera ceased to respond to operations. This issue has been resolved.
When network functions were used with certain settings applied, RAW images were also transferred when Network > Send file as was set to JPEG only. This issue has been resolved.
When an option that utilized the main command dial was selected for Custom Setting f15: Playback zoom, and an image was zoomed in or out with playback with certain settings applied, shooting shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation settings were sometimes changed. This issue has been resolved.

NOTE: Having an issue with your D4 seeing the update? I did and it was because I had under Setup > Network enabled. Turn off the network and no problem updating. You might have noticed with Network Enabled you couldn’t Lock Mirror to Clean Sensor. You’ll have that back now too.