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on Jun 29, 2012 in Field Reports

There is a Reason for Friends

It would be real easy to get all mushy right now, that’s the emotions good friends should bring up when you think about them. But you add good shooting bud, partner, adventurer to that mix and it’s a slam dunk. Kevin didn’t know I was taking this photo of him at the bday party, he was looking off at the aircraft and if I can guess, he was looking over the parking lot of aircraft saying to himself, “That one would be fun flying, that one would carry all my gear, that one is just sexy.” We first meet when Kevin joined us decades ago on a workshop. On a foggy morning in a meadow full of spider webs covered in dew, he called me over for assistance. He was shooting with a F4 with 20f2.8 attached (it was a long time ago) and the camera couldn’t focus, it just kept going zzzzz….zzzzz as it searched for focus. I said I could fix that for him, he said, “Great!”...

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on Jun 29, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Eisenhower Presidential Library

Those who know me know I love history and my bud Kevin knows this really well. So we got in the car and headed up to Abilene and the Eisenhower Presidential Library. The adventure turned out to be a double header because at the Library is the Smithsonian traveling exhibit Elvis at 21. This is an exhibit from 8 days of photography of Elvis by 28yrs old photographer Alfred Wertheimer (AW) in the days of film with available light. The smallest print was 30×40 and they were all stunning! What a killer start. A native Abilene, it was easy to understand quickly many of the decisions Eisenhower made first as a general in WWII and than president. The top photo is of his and Mamie’s resting place. Next is a photo of the home where Eisenhower grew up, the informal parlor looking into the formal parlor. If the rooms look small, they are! It was pointed out a number of times the home was on the wrong side of...

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on Jun 28, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Simply Took my Breath Away!

The Great Hall at the Nat’l Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is simply amazing! The huge murals, one in each corner are simply spectacular! This one of lower Yellowstone Falls is one I would love to have in my house, if it was the size of s football field. After asking a museum volunteer if I could shoot in the room and being told it was OK (a big function was going on), I started thinking. I wanted to show that size in the photo, how do you do that? Gotta have something for scale and there is nothing better than a person. Going to the other side of the room, I shot with the 50f1.4AFS to keep lines as straight as possible. Then I had Sharon stand as you see her with a gesture saying one thing about viewing these gorgeous paintings. Then we had Chris stand as you see him here with a totally different body gesture making a totally different statement. I really like them both,...

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on Jun 28, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Nat’l Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

If you are a lover of light, if you want to improve your landscape photography, it you want to be transported back to a different time, you must go to the Nat’l Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK. My good bud Kevin took us there while we were in Wichita and I’m so glad he did! This is a marvelous place we spent four hours touring, taking in our heritage and the art celebrating it! Being partly a art museum, there are places where you can’t take pictures and that’s the way it should be. You should take hours just looking at the landscapes and the way they paint the light falling on it. Some of my favorite paintings are hanging on these walls, the originals that you can just stand there and take in. There are oils, watercolors, pencil, bronze, just a marvelous collection to get lost in. Then there is the western native American art section which is spectacular (you see here). Then you...

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on Jun 28, 2012 in Aviation, Camera Tech

D800 & the D3x

Doug over on my FB page said he was looking forward to my comparison between the D3x and D800. I honestly wasn’t thinking of doing one but then someone else pinged saying the same thing. Since I no longer have my faithful (and great) D3x, I’m not in the position to do a side by side photo comparison. But I can and have done 24×30 prints from both cameras with the Epson 7900 and can look at the results. Understand, this is going to magnify any pluses or minuses going to a print this large with 24×30 always being the standard I go by when making quality judgements. Both of these are megapixel cameras with the express intent of capturing great detail. They both exceed at this beautifully! The question on the table is, which camera produces the better file? Technically, the D800 does, hands down. Now will you see that bump up in quality in a 8×10, 11×14 or even 17×22 print? You might not even see it...

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