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on Jun 1, 2012 in Just Out!

I simply can’t recommend enough, renting before buying. I’ve been doing it since the first day of my photography and I still do it. It’s real simple, buying the wrong piece of gear is not only a real bummer, it’s expensive. Last month I wrote about needing batteries for the D4 for the Doolittle Reunion so I contacted and within a heartbeat, I had the batteries. We’ve hooked up with now and can highly recommend them as thousands of others can.

The way I recommend you go about this is simple. When you know you are really able to shoot, have time to devote to trying out that new lens or body, rent it for a minimum of three days, a week is better. Then force yourself to shoot with just the piece of equipment to get to know all of its pros and cons. Don’t give yourself or that piece of equipment a break, shoot, shoot, shoot. Then look at your images and ask yourself the simple question, “did that piece of equipment solve the problem you envisioned you had?” Within that answer if your answer whether you should buy that piece of gear or not. Give the folks at a try, tell them Moose sent ya. You and your photography won’t be disappointed!