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on Jun 8, 2012 in Camera Tech, Moose's Camera Bag

Yeap, the D800 has Landed in the Office!

photo courtesy of Nikon

Yesserie…the D800 has landed in the office finally thanks to my good friends at B&H Photo & Video (now I know and appreciate the Video part of their name)! I’ve charged up the battery (took 3hrs), loaded the new firmware and then loaded in my initial settings into the camera. My initial settings were taken from the D4 and I did this for two reasons. The first is because I know what’s working in the D4 so I can quickly become familiar with the D800 (and discover any operational differences). The second is because I quickly learn what the D800 does not have included in its features the D4 does. Lots of little interesting things popped up doing this. One that has me still scratching my head is why the Exp Comp on the D800 is opposite of the D4? I quickly changed that with a Custom Setting but that one has me still wondering.

Other then taking the traditional first photo of my big toe (have to read Captured to understand that), I’ve not shot a single still with the D800 yet. As you read this though, I’m fixing that. I have shot though a number of videos, the ones posted this week for example, and it did a gorgeous job with those. I have read all the warnings, problems and issues folks are finding so I’m looking for those as I shoot. I’m thinking about comparisons between the D4 and D800 images as well since I’m being asked for those. So in all good time, I’ll get more info posted. It’s time to run from the office and get back to shootin!