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on Jun 13, 2012 in Technology

Working the D800 Magic

There are perks being married to someone volunteering to work the Media Ops at Reno Air Races. One is having our trailer right on the field giving us access to aircraft 24/7. Another is getting to come in early and watch the planes coming in for the events of the day. But one of the best is walking the line at sunset when things quiet down and the light just plays off shapes and aircraft. This is of course our dear friend Dennis’ T-6 that won the Gold. His trailer has my photograph plastered on it this year which was fun to see today for the first time. We just went for a walk and I had the D800 & 70-200VR2 along just in case. At the same time, wanted to play more with its amazing files.

This is another insane zoom in on a small portion of the image, the pitot tube in the middle, far left of the frame. I wanted you to see the silly finger puppet that Dennis has on the pitot but the wind was blowing too much to see its detail. But you can easily read the information and no matter how you slice it, that’s amazing. Many have asked, but like the majority of my photography, this image along with the one yesterday was shot hand held. Some guessed that and asked if it would have been sharper shot on a tripod. Technically, I guess, maybe, perhaps. Since most of my work is done handheld and I can see this detail, I will have to suffer with whatever detail is being lost.