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on Jun 18, 2012 in Aviation

A New Challenge – Videoing Action with D4/600mm

There were many reasons why I was at PRS this past week. One of them was to use the opportunity to practice and try out some new gear and techniques. One of those was shooting video with the D4 on the 600while tracking the aircraft going around the pylons. I’m here to tell you, it wiped my butt something fierce! The rig was the Gitzo with Wimberley with D4/600 mounted with SmallHD DP-6 used as the monitor (with hood attached). There is no doubt the Wimberley is the right head for this, but that’s what I own. We walked to the top of the Grand Stands for a vantage point and clear view of the entire race course. But my panning skills to track the entire course just wasn’t up to the task. By the end of three hours I was getting better but far from perfect. I learned what I did wrong so now the challenge will be to find other subjects to practice on so when Sept comes, I’m good to go.

As the T6 go along the back stretch, you’ll notice they most definitely become fuzzy. That’s caused by the heat shimmer rising off the sage. No matter how sharp the lens, the number of megapixels or the technique, there is nothing we can do to remedy this problem. Understanding and seeing this can be a challenge. Hopefully the next post will help you out.