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on Jun 19, 2012 in Wildlife Photography

The Northern Critters are Calling Me!

There is just something about the critters of the north, those that eek out survival around or above the arctic circle. The vast majority of the critters of the north are physically larger, what’s often referred to as the Northern Effect. This is part of their strategy for survival as well as a means of having more body area making the most of their limited daylight. But lastly, the vast majority of the critters of the north don’t see humans much, they don’t know they should be scared of us so they are very cooperative. I like that!

This is a Red Fox pop that we photographed for a couple of days. The family den site was back in the trees so we didn’t always have great light but on the days we shot the den, it was overcast which worked best for lighting. This particular Red Fox family had a red phase mom and a dark phase dad so the pups are what are called Cross (the biologists, crazy namers they are). Now laying down on the ground to get the background to totally blur really seemed to intrigue this one pup, it started at me for what seemed like hours and I didn’t mind for a second. This photo was taken with a F5, 800f5.6 EDIF on Agfa RSX 100.

The Arctic Hare is so big I tend to look for a saddle to take one for a ride. They have such an attitude about them, probably because they know they can kick the crap out of us. But while they are diurnal, seeing them at dusk is kinda common when it’s an up year. Those years, I would tend to seek them out because just love their hair do. They are molting out of their all white winter coat to their summer gray coat. Just the ears intrigue me to no end. This photo was taken with the same gear as the fox.

And why are these critters on my mind? I’m busy making the plans for our K&M Adventure Churchill (we have two openings), talking to old friends and hearing about the critters up at Churchill. One year we had a Polar Bear with 3 cubs that I ended up petting the mom and holding one of the cubs, a very fond memory. So I just couldn’t help and stop, look at some images from my last trip up there and day dreaming. Hope you can join us, you’ll come back with the same kind of memories and even better, photograph!