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on Jun 20, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Photography Biz Class

The business of photography, it seems to mystify, frustrate and baffle most. I can understand why, there is a ton of really bad information out there! For a long time, we held a business course in our office but the response died so it stopped. Then with the web getting hot, the “need” seemed great again so we offered a class but it too soon died off. Now in the first half of this year we’ve been pounded with the question, “DO you offer a photography business course?”

Sharon & I are willing to give it a go again because we feel anyone can succeed in the photography business. But to put it simply, it’s gotta make business sense for us to offer it. The price will be $695 (the written materials you’ll take home are worth the price alone!) for two days of incredibly intense class time. You will have to come with a 1500 word article and 20 images to illustrate that piece. You will have to come with a list of 10 questions. Understand that the biz starts with the editorial market so we’ll be covering that quite a bit. It will have nothing to do with fine art, weekend craft show market. You will need an open mind and a willing heart because the business of photography is not for the faint of heart. If you really, really, really have a passion for photography and think you want to learn about the business, this is the place for you. The class will be limited to 20 and will be held Nov 17-18, 2012 in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Want to sign up, call 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506, NOW!