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on Jun 26, 2012 in Aviation

One Droplet of Light

One soft beam of light leaked through the trees as the sun kissed the horizon. It struck the nose of Matt’s Cessna 180 and it’s brand new paint. With the sky that unique look and feel that comes this time of year in Kansas as they burn off the fields, all the dots where there, it was up to me to connect them. Like a moth to a flame, that one droplet of light sucked me in.

With no tripod, the slow shutter speed (1/40) shot had to be done hand held. Last week, I would have grabbed the D4 because it’s a slam dunk shooting it at that slow a shutter speed. I was still struggling with the D800. But with D800 with MB-D12 attached along with the 70-200VR2 rig, I knew I could make the click nice and sharp.

I walked a small arc around the nose looking at that droplet of light, the background and the angle of the 180. The clock was ticking because the sun was basic set, I had minutes. Then the shot became obvious once I thought about “the subject,” the light on the nose! Shooting on one knee for the low angle, I focused on the droplet of light, dialed in -1 exp comp and went click. The 180, grass strip where we were having the party and the sky zeroed in and made the image. Real easy stuff producing a clean click. I like this kind of photography!