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on Jun 29, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Eisenhower Presidential Library

Those who know me know I love history and my bud Kevin knows this really well. So we got in the car and headed up to Abilene and the Eisenhower Presidential Library. The adventure turned out to be a double header because at the Library is the Smithsonian traveling exhibit Elvis at 21. This is an exhibit from 8 days of photography of Elvis by 28yrs old photographer Alfred Wertheimer (AW) in the days of film with available light. The smallest print was 30×40 and they were all stunning! What a killer start.

A native Abilene, it was easy to understand quickly many of the decisions Eisenhower made first as a general in WWII and than president. The top photo is of his and Mamie’s resting place. Next is a photo of the home where Eisenhower grew up, the informal parlor looking into the formal parlor. If the rooms look small, they are! It was pointed out a number of times the home was on the wrong side of the tracks, the family of 8 lived in a small home but it was a happy home with simple, basic old fashion values. The Eisenhower’s raised very successful kids with Dwight being the top of the list. The bottom photo is the home itself. The home & museum took us hours to walk through, see and learn, great place to spend an afternoon.

All three of these photos are five image HDR, shot with the D800 with MB-D12 and 24f1.4 AFS with the HDR being done in CS6 using Nik HDR Pro. Looking at these images, you might be wondering why I used HDR. At least, I think you should be wondering why and at the same time thinking, “They don’t look like HDR.” The top image, the exposure range from stain glass windows to the marble floor was too great for one click. The middle image, I wanted those green shrubs to come through the drapes and the light that falls off through the room to come through. That couldn’t be done with one click. And the bottom image, why HDR there? See that deep shadow of the tree on the right, I didn’t want to loose that detail and with one click, you’d see a white bldg and that’s it. I wanted the warm summer day to come through. It was another great day learning about our own history with some good photography added for good measure. Life is good!