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on Jun 27, 2012 in Camera Tech

The Art of Travel

B&H is very gracious to provide me a huge amount of space to post, this month is a piece I think might answer some of your traveling by air with gear questions. Click on the pic to read the...

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on Jun 27, 2012 in Aviation

BDay Evening Flight, pt2

After we lead the V-35B back to the field, we went lookin for the PT-17 Stearman that had already launched. You might think finding an all yellow plane in the sky easy to find, well it’s not! So after learning where they were by calling out landmarks on the ground, we caught up to them. Then we had to join up. The Cessna 172 we were in goes a little faster than the Stearman so we had to approach and over take with care or we’d waste time and gas rejoining. This top shot I really like for one main reason, it’s not one you get very often. If you look at Scottie in the front seat, he is really craning his neck to see us. The pilot just can’t do that very long and keeping a visual of the aircraft is kinda safety rule #1. So as we approached, D800 with MB-D12 attached along with the 70-200VR2 cranking. At 5fps, it did a good job capturing the moment....

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on Jun 26, 2012 in Aviation

BDay Evening Flight, pt1

We really had no expectations when we went to the flyin Bday party for our dear friend Scottie, but one would think with so many aircraft, you might just get your feet off the ground. After a great BBQ, Scottie said, “Lets get a shooting mission going!” Within seconds my bud Kevin was in one plane and Sharon & I were in another with aircraft taxing down the grass strip and launching. Wow…fun doesn’t even come close to expressing what came next! And I was very exciting to have my first air to air opportunity to work with the D800 with MB-D12 attached along with the 70-200VR2 ring in the air. Just a few months ago I did my first air to air with the D4 and just before that, the D3x. So to see how the D800 would translate off the ground, I just couldn’t wait! This is a 1955 V-35B Bonanza that was my first subject for the evening. John & Arron at the stick did a...

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on Jun 26, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

You Did Hear – There is a Bi$ Class!

Having just adding a new segment to our business, aviation, I have a fresh perspective to the old realm of business. The business of photography, it seems to mystify, frustrate and baffle most. I can understand why, there is a ton of really bad information out there! For a long time, we held a business course in our office but the response died so it stopped. Then with the web getting hot, the “need” seemed great again so we offered a class but it too soon died off. Now in the first half of this year we’ve been pounded with the question, “DO you offer a photography business course?” We have help we want to offer you! The price will be $695 (the written materials you’ll take home are worth the price alone!) for two days of incredibly intense class time. You will have to come with a 1500 word article and 20 images to illustrate that piece. You will have to come with a list of 10 questions....

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