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on Jul 3, 2012 in K&M Adventures

Tundra Nesting Birds ’13

K&M Adventures is heading to Churchill, Canada, 27 May – 01 June, yeap, shorebird mecca is our spring/summer destination! You’ll fly into Churchill the 27th and fly out the 2nd and in between you will be welcomed by some of the best bird photography on the planet! I’ve not been there for breeding season since ’98 but prior to that, I was there for years! My “worst” trip was 60 difference species of birds, photographed! While world renown for Polar Bears (and we’ve had those in the summer as well), Churchill is not as well known for summer bird photography but that might just change. We are taking only 6 folks with us, the price is $2795 which includes once you arrive in Churchill, transportation, guides and instruction.

The top photo is of a great bird you just don’t see elsewhere like this, the Hudsonian Godwit, and this isn’t a perfect looking male as the full, brick, red breast isn’t fully in. Then there is the Pacific Loon you see here, a sweetie that for four years nested in basically the same place and would pose for us all day. Then there is the bird that nearly no one knows who it is when I throw it up on the screen, that’s because we only see it in its winter drab colors. This is the spectacular Dunlin, another of the great birds of Churchill.

Of course, there is no guarantee of any species or birds at all because, well, weather and life is what it is. But my worst day in Chruchill with birds blows away my best day ever in the lower 48! Here’s just a couple of other species I photographed in Churchill in years past.

Don’t know who these species are, or better yet you do know and want to photograph them yourself? Well then, you need to join us. Worried you need a big lens (because you do) but don’t own one? Well, we’ve arranged with for a special deal for you so you won’t miss out! Give us a call 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506 to register or to find out more!