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on Jul 5, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose Crits

Ever since I did The Crit at the B&H Event center a couple of months back, we’ve been flooded with requests to look at folk’s images. I’m honored that folks want to hear my $.02 worth when it comes to their photography. The one issue, kind of a big one is time. There’s all of you out there and just little ol me here. I’ve already had over two dozen folks ask to meet with me at the upcoming Photoshop World for this sole purpose. But that’s one place I don’t have extra time. Many come to our office for a Private Tutoring but that requires some more of your time and expense. How to help?

I’ve done a few Crits using Hangouts on Google+ and they work out pretty well. They are not free, I charge for my time. At this point in time it’s the only solution I have to help folks that works. So if such help would be useful to you, give Sharon a call at 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506 (9-5PST) to see if we schedule a time.

Just had a call from someone who just read this and asked if we’d have a class here in Mammoth just looking at images. Never thought about it but that might work too. If that would be of interest to you, give Sharon a call and we’ll make a list and if there is enough interest, will make it happen.