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on Jul 11, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Do I Go HDR Crazy…Ever?

“Moose, do you ever let your hair down with HDR?” This is an email I received yesterday and I’m not really sure how to take it. The fact I don’t practice what I call “Elvis on Velvet” HDR only means, it’s just not my schtick. In my own mind, it’s no different than I don’t do macro. Just not what I do. So I decided to go out tonight and “let my hair down” and see if I could visualize and then produce a crazy HDR photo. Ya…I could take 5 frames, no problem. Ya, I saw some colors I thought I could exploit easily in Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2. With the D4 and 24-85VR and Nik, the process was pretty darn simple actually. And the final photo? Well, it kinda has the feel I was thinking about but my issue is, I was there taking the photo and swatting the mosquitoes and this is simply not what I saw or felt. And I guess that’s why I don’t let me hair down and do this style of HDR. I am not saying I think it’s wrong or awful or anything like that. Just that it’s not my thing and like macro photography, I don’t do it well and have no desire to do it better. So now it’s time to put my hair back up.