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on Jul 18, 2012 in K&M Adventures

Americana, Lobster & Fall Color!

Fall conjures up a nostalgic photographic time in my mind. The light is mellow, the color is everywhere and there is a nip in the air signalling a changing of seasons. It also brings up thoughts of youth, trick-o-treating, Thanksgiving, football and traditions. If there is one region in North America that brings this all together at one place and celebrates fall, it’s Maine! We’ve been venturing to ME for fall every year for over the last decade and we simply can’t get enough of this magical region this time of year!

The best part about going to Maine and neighboring New Hampshire in fall is the photography. Now just shooting fall color for me gets old after a while. But it never gets old when you can photograph an old truck, ice house, lobster boat, fishing pier, railroad, quaint seaport village and eat great food! That’s why we keep traveling back to the region in fall, it’s never the same and there is such variety. Did I mention the great food!

I know I didn’t mention lighthouses, but there are some gorgeous, romantic and unique lighthouses to explore as well. And when you’re on the coast in ME in the fall, there is great lobster. Did I mention the great food!

We are going back again this fall, taking our K&M Adventure there. Our Fall Tour is Oct. 6-14, 2012. We’re going to be in ME & NH spending half the time out of Freeport, ME and the other half out of Mt Washington, NH. We’re going to check out them lighthouses, the great food, fall color, history and just about anything else the lights takes us to. It’s a marvelous adventure in some our most gorgeous country!

We have a space for YOU! We’ll be picking you up and dropping you off in Portland, ME. You have the option of signing up for one week or the other or, if you’re adventerous enough, join us for the whole time. The price for just one week is $1995 and for both, $3550. We actually have a couple of folks who have signed up for the whole thing (they’ve traveled through eastern fall color with us before) so we only have 3 seats left (the max we take is 8). The price includes transportation to and from the airport and during the adventure, our wit and instruction and one helluva good time. If you’re interested in going, give us a call at 760.924.8632 / 661.204.1506. We look for to adventuring with you!