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on Jul 18, 2012 in Camera Tech

Think Tank Cable Mngt – TSA Smoother

I could be alone here, but personally, I’m tired of TSA going through my luggage. With nearly 50k miles this year alone, you’d think some computer somewhere would see my name on a manifest and say, “Not this dweeb again” and let my luggage just go through. As you might imagine, I have a bit of stuff in my check in and with video, there is even more boxes with cables. And though I pack real carefully, at least once a month my luggage gets a visual inspection and at least once a month, items go missing. Well, I have had enough so I talked with a TSA official and we went through my luggage.

Items that go missing aren’t necessarily stolen but more likely, put aside and then forgotten to be repacked in my luggage (that makes me feel a whole lot better). I was told the problem might be that I’m using cases which the inspectors can’t see through. That does kinda make sense so I went and got some Think Tank Cable Mngt cases (the 10, 20 & 50). I don’t want to jink myself so I’m tapping on wood and crossing my fingers as I type, but since doing this, I’ve not had any issues. Just wanna pass this along in case I’m not the only one with this problem. Former problem, knock on wood.