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on Jul 25, 2012 in Camera Tech

Lexar 1000x – Feel the Speed!

“Is the 1000x really worth the price?” Man, is that a really valid and common question. I can honestly say for most photographers, it’s not. Do I need it, like life or death need it? Oh man, do I! Right now I’m running the 32GB & 64GB 1000x and just ordered some 128GB 1000x and here’s why.

Current bodies can now take advantage of the higher speeds of these cards, I found this out firsthand on a commercial shoot recently. Shooting the D800 on CH with my finger never letting up on the shutter release, I was so pleased to see them damn big files getting sucked in lickity split. And as I’ve mentioned before, the D4 is cranking 100+ on a burst with these cards. While I don’t need that speed every time I go out shooting, not even every week, but all I had to do is experience that speed once when I did need it and I was sold on their value.

When it comes to ingesting images from the 1000x cards, you might have to buy new readers. The 1000s cards work with the ExpressCard Reader (be sure to get the driver) or the USB3 Multi Card Reader. Now the USB3 works fine as is but if you update its firmware, it goes even faster! Now this investment might not be right for you, that makes perfect sense. The savings of time at both end of the process for me did make sense. Hope that answers the question.