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on Jul 25, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

What am I Teaching at Photoshop World?

Photoshop World is just over a month out and we can’t wait. There simply is nothing better, funner or down right more energizing then PSW! I’ll be there doing all sorts of fun. The PreCon will be a ton of fun, it was sold out the day it was posted. Be sure that you make it to the Art of Digital presentation where eight of us share nothing but our photographic passion with you. Emails have started to come in asking what I’ll be teaching, here ya go.

Dang, I want to Get Started in Wildlife Photography!
If you read my book, Captured, you probably got disappointed when you read my statement, “If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta have 600mm!” But I started with a 400mm and that was my longest lens for my first 5 years. That focal length taught me all the main lessons I depend upon today to be successful. You have a basic DSLR and a 70-300 or a 100-400. I’m going to share with you all that my 400mm taught me, permitting me to get where I am today. These are all techniques, tricks and tips you can apply to your photography to get you way beyond “started in wildlife photography.”

The Art of Aviation
There is an art of flying metal. These speed machines that defy gravity bend light just as gracefully. But how do you take these gas fueled machines and make them a piece of art? This is basic photography of light, exposure, focal length, moving the viewer’s eye around the image, manipulating it while you tell the story. The subject might be “just” a plane, but the techniques, tricks and final results must make the heart fly. Don’t let the title fool you. There is a lot more to this than just airplanes, we are talking romance!

I’m very grateful to all of your who get up early and join me in class, I have new programs and plan on entertaining you at the very least. I’m really excited to play Santa as I’ll be giving away subscriptions to our BT Journal iPad version during the entire Photoshop World as well. In fact, the entire Peterson Herd will be in Vegas, I can’t wait! But more importantly, I’m there FOR YOU! SO if you see me, stop and introduce yourself, say hello and if you have a question, ask it. Look forward to meeting you all!