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on Jul 27, 2012 in Just Out!

Kelby Training is Heading…My Way?

Kelby Training is comin to the office in two weeks to film my next class, Getting Started in Wildlife Photography. So I called a staff meeting this morning to start getting everything prepped. The meeting was going well until some of the models got an attitude. I have two weeks to get them in line. Now if you’re wondering how I got this photo of this Allen’s Hummingbird, you’ll just have to watch the class...

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on Jul 25, 2012 in Camera Tech

Lexar 1000x – Feel the Speed!

“Is the 1000x really worth the price?” Man, is that a really valid and common question. I can honestly say for most photographers, it’s not. Do I need it, like life or death need it? Oh man, do I! Right now I’m running the 32GB & 64GB 1000x and just ordered some 128GB 1000x and here’s why. Current bodies can now take advantage of the higher speeds of these cards, I found this out firsthand on a commercial shoot recently. Shooting the D800 on CH with my finger never letting up on the shutter release, I was so pleased to see them damn big files getting sucked in lickity split. And as I’ve mentioned before, the D4 is cranking 100+ on a burst with these cards. While I don’t need that speed every time I go out shooting, not even every week, but all I had to do is experience that speed once when I did need it and I was sold on their value. When it comes to...

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on Jul 25, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

What am I Teaching at Photoshop World?

Photoshop World is just over a month out and we can’t wait. There simply is nothing better, funner or down right more energizing then PSW! I’ll be there doing all sorts of fun. The PreCon will be a ton of fun, it was sold out the day it was posted. Be sure that you make it to the Art of Digital presentation where eight of us share nothing but our photographic passion with you. Emails have started to come in asking what I’ll be teaching, here ya go. Dang, I want to Get Started in Wildlife Photography! If you read my book, Captured, you probably got disappointed when you read my statement, “If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta have 600mm!” But I started with a 400mm and that was my longest lens for my first 5 years. That focal length taught me all the main lessons I depend upon today to be successful. You have a basic DSLR and a 70-300 or a 100-400....

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on Jul 24, 2012 in Great Stuff

Jeff Cable is Doin it!

There are a number of photographers out there I have a lot of admiration for. It’s because they are out there doin it, following their heart and making the clicks. One of those is my dear friend Jeff Cable. I remember the first time we went shooting together, I couldn’t shake the guy. Talk about a ton of questions…sheeesh! Nothing has stopped Jeff though from pursuing his photography despite working long hours around the globe in his “day” job. In that spirit, Jeff is at the summer Olympics as the official photographer for the USA Waterpolo Team. Jeff is blogging about his experiences and it’s well worth your reading. I encourage to you read it if for no other reason then to know that everything in photography is possible for everyone! Well done...

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