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on Aug 31, 2012 in Field Reports

Moose & Mac Week 1

MacBook Pro Retina Magic Mouse Buffalo 1TB Thunderbird ioSafe 1TB USB3 Lexar USB 3 Reader Master Suite – Photoshop / Bridge CS6 Extended Photo Mechanic 5 PhotoMatix Pro Photo Rescue Keynote (App Store) Word ScreenFlowFolder (App Store) Folder Sync Pro (App Store) CyberDuck (App Store) Thunderbird Chrome SuperDuper (App Store) Disk Doctor (App Store) Switching to the...

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on Aug 30, 2012 in Random Thoughts

When Stuck at Home

“My kids just started back to school so my next few weeks and weekends, I’m stuck at home. What do I shoot?” Just received an email with this question and man, is it all too real! I remember that time when my boys started at school and I wanted to stay home the first few weeks to be there for all that new, school stuff. Taking off for a weekend to shoot just wasn’t possible and being the end of August, there just wasn’t a lot out my window to photograph. It’s times like this I go outside my comfort zone, if for just two weeks out of the year with my photography. It’s now I raid my local florist and find a posse to photograph. It’s no secret I hate photographing wildflowers. I just don’t like sticking my ass in the air as I bend over to wait for a flower to stop moving to take its photo (I have the utmost respect for those who do it...

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on Aug 30, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Fall Color Class Online!

I’m totally pumped about our Fall Color Class being posted on Kelby Training…great timing! It’s a two hour class between behind the camera and behind the computer lessons…I talk too much! Filmed in our backyard in the Sierra, we were very excited to share our home with folks. And those who want to explore these lessons but with an East Coast flavor, join us this fall for what is looking like a killer color year! Thanks to all the folks at Kelby Training for producing a great class! (You can thank Brandon for the Bloopers...

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