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on Aug 6, 2012 in Great Stuff

Olympic Neighbor

Meb is simply just a great person! He’s been our next door neighbor for over a decade, we’ve seen his family and wins grow, both very exciting! Meb is on the USA Olympic team, running in his third Olympics running the marathon on the 12th in London. His training is nothing short of amazing to me, “Ya, ran just 16 miles today” he will say so matter a fact. We’ve never photographed Meb before so over the last couple of weeks before his heading to London, we’ve done a number of shoots with him. The goal wasn’t so much a “portrait” but telling visually why he loves Mammoth and trains here. This was the first shoot, a pretty simple one, Meb on the mountain trails where he trains (this was shot after his doing a 16 mile “maintaining” run). It’s a simple single SB-900 powered by SD-9, D4, 70-200VR2 click, well, sorta simple. I’ll be telling the whole story at the NAPP Safari at PSW because no photo is truly “simple.” At least the black bear we’d photographed the day before didn’t make an appearance. mtc.