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on Aug 8, 2012 in Great Stuff

Road Work

Meb doesn’t train just on mountain trails. We have a road here in the Eastern Sierra which at times is a highway filled with hundreds training by either running or biking. Meb has been running on the road since his days at UCLA. So it was only natural we continue on with the project by shooting down on the flats.

At Meb’s feet is a mark where he starts his training run. It’s a top a rise in the highway and was a natural place for the portrait. The funny thing, I had scouted it prior to this day and picked this spot without knowing it was his start. Meb does A LOT of road work coming up on so many miles he would have circled the earth four times! I wanted the first shot to look like he owned the road. Wearing what he’ll be running in on the 12th, we placed him on the center line. This puts the light over his left shoulder so to light up his right side, used a simple Lastolite TriGrip with softgold. I shot D4 with 200-400VR2 at about 350mm. Other than dodging cars, we started off with a simple shot.

The road has produced many champions over the decades. One is our son Jake who trained there during the summer for his winter sport cross country skiing. Our oldest son Brent did his dry land training down on the flats as well and one occasion, dad would go down and do his best to stay alive trying to keep up with them for a hundred yards. Just working out on the road doesn’t guarantee results I can report firsthand. mtc.