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on Aug 9, 2012 in Great Stuff

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With the road portraits done, we started to work on some road work. Sharon & I figured pretty quick we weren’t going to run and keep up with Meb so the reflector was out. His first “run” up the center line proved that thought right. Since the sun was going down and the clouds were building, the light had mellowed some so I just went with basic front lighting. I grabbed the D4 and 200-400VR2, sat down on the center line and had Meb Job up to the lens. In the composite of the stills below, you can see how far Meb was from me when he started (shot at 400mm) and in a few strides, he was on top of me. The first time it was so fast I just laughed. What was I thinking, I wasn’t going to have much time to shoot.

The D4 was on CH and it did a killer job! Using my typical center AF sensor technique, I placed it on Meb’s chest, kept the center line dead center and just had Meb run a couple of sets up the road. Neither Meb nor the D4 missed a step and luckily, we had no road traffic to interrupt us. This still you see above, we printed up 50 5×7 copies and sent along with Meb. He has so many fans and Meb is such a nice guy, thought he would enjoy handing them out. When we gave them to him the evening before we left, he gave us that Mab smile and said holding up one of the prints, “Hope this gets me a first class upgrade.” I hope it did, he’s a first class human being!