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on Aug 14, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

The Image is Everything!

We are constantly being asked business questions, I mean a lot! There is a whole lot that goes into a photography business, much of which is basic common sense. a whole lot is very specific to just photography. Many simply send an email looking for a one sentence answer to, “How do get my photography business started?” Or more commonly of late, “How do I make money from my photography?” They see all these statements about how you can make money on the web with your photography and while it is true you can make sales, this is a far cry from a sustained income or business. When I talk about business and selling images, I’m talking long term, longer than 1 day or 1 month or 1 year. This requires more than a 1 sentence answer.

Can you have a photography business in this day with our current economic trends? I believe so but it requires you observe the number one tenant in the photographic business. The image is everything! And I’m not talking about 1 image or 100 or 1000 but a continual creation of a body of work that is always growing. Not talking about 1 image processed 100 ways in Photoshop either. I’m talking a continual growth in your photography creating an inventory your can pull from when you need it. There is a very old business adage, You Can’t Sell from an Empty Cart. There are a lot more sayings I pile on during our Biz Class, but everything comes back to this basic cornerstone concept. The image is everything!