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on Aug 16, 2012 in Wildlife Photography

Having a Blast with Kelby Training!

Sharon & I are having a blast with the Kelby Training crew, Adam & Brandon here in our home and office filming my latest class, Beginning Wildlife Photography. The guys are from FL of course, so just being up in the Sierra and right now has them big eyed and clicking a ton of iPhone photos. Then we introduce the to our birds and squirrels (my Stellar Jay kid who flies into the office to say hi really got them!) and they really go gaga! I was hillerious watching Brandon try to photograph Alvin, our Allen’s Hummer with his iPhone. We finished our first day last night at 21:30 filming a segment with our Northern Flying Squirrels. This is one of our juvenal Hairy Woodpeckers posing for the camera during the class. This photo taken with a Nikon 300f4AFS, the main lens for the class. They are do back shortly to start our 2nd day and can’t wait. Had a bear the day before they arrived and hoping one comes by today. I want to see how their iPhones does with it! Oh ya, they say the class should be posted in the next 60days! mtc