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on Aug 16, 2012 in Just Out!

Meike D800 Grip

Some fan decided I needed to have a Meike D800 grip, whoever you are, thanks! If you’re not aware what this is all about, it seems to be an exact knock off of the Nikon MB-D12. I’ve had it now for about a week and while it looks just like the Nikon unit, the Meike is not the exact same. Little things like slightly different finish, a couple metal parts are plastic and it doesn’t fit like a glove like the MB-D12. I see on Amazon right now it’s $53 and the MB-D12 is $399. That’s a huge difference in price. The one thing the is cool about the Meike grip is it weights about 6oz less. Is it built as well as the Nikon unit? I don’t know, nor do I know if it will last as long. I’m giving it a try and if I find any answers, I’ll let you know.