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on Aug 21, 2012 in Landscape Photography

New Kid on the Block

Today turned out to be a great day at the feeders, the baby Douglas Tree Squirrels made their first visit. They are so much fun to watch as they try to figure out their way in the world. There were three of them and after they scurried up the tree and in the feeder, they were instant enemies. Douglas Tree Squirrels don’t like sharing their food source with anybody, that includes siblings. Well, the three of them argued verbally the whole time they ate. They did this with their mouths full no less! And as you see here, they sat with their backs to each other as if that would make their siblings disappear.

My biggest photographic problem was to shoot stills or video! I was sitting on a bar stool behind the D4 and 600f4VR2 with my morning cup of coffee watching and shooting. The activity was deserving of video because of all the action and chatter, but mom was the best show. Since she was perched about 20″ above the feeders, I figured I didn’t have the skill to pan up and down while shooting video so went all stills. Glad I did, got some great stuff of mom. The kids, not so much because they were in the feeder and I just don’t like seeing the feeder in the photo. There is always tomorrow for better of them. You might be wondering why I didn’t use flash. I really don’t like flash on Douglas Tree Squirrels, too many specular highlights in their fur.

And where was mom during all of this? Well, I don’t think she could believe what she was seeing!