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on Aug 27, 2012 in Landscape Photography

It’s Monday, Now What?

OK, you had a great weekend of shooting and now it’s Monday and you’re back to work, now what? It’s no time to stop! I know, you’re at work, how can photography continue when you’re at work? Here’s some thoughts:

  • Plan for next weekend – Think about what you want to shoot this weekend. Places, people, critters, something totally new, whatever it is think about pushing your photography forward. This has to include challenges, how they might arise and how you think you might solve them. Write it down and plan.
  • Practice your handholding – this is something you should do everyday even if you’re not “shooting.” Grab a body and lens, find some object is poor lighting forcing you to work at slower shutter speed and keep this very important skill sharp and ready for the coming weekend!
  • Go through weekend images – Take the time to go through your images and look for successes and failures. Look for the reason for both! Don’t go into “Fix it” mode in post but rather, “get it right in the camera” mode in your mind! Look for commonality in both successes and failures so you can repeat the successes and avoid the failures. If need be, right these down and leave them in the top of your camera bag so the next time you go out, you have to see the note to remind yourself.
  • Plan flash shoot for Wed – Think of a simple shoot you can do on Wed that requires flash. It doesn’t have to be a photo you want to frame and put on the wall, but just something with flash to push that skill base forward. It can be as simple as lighting a salt shaker so you can see the flash. This can do wonders for your photography, not the salt shaker but just getting the flash out and looking at light!
  • Read a good book – Open you mind to other thoughts and let words paint pictures in your imagination. This can free your creative spirits and shut down the technical which can vastly improve your photography. Do go for the technical, go for the romantic that uses big, descriptive words making you previsualize, a important exercise for photographers!
  • Look at images from a year ago – You’ve come a long ways in your photography in the last year but you might not realize it! Looking at images from a year ago brings back memories, technical challenges and ideas of what you want to accomplish now let alone the feeling of satisfaction. Looking at your own images is the best way to crit those images you took over the weekend. Only You can improve Your photography!
  • Phew…where did the day go…now what do you do for Tuesday?