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on Aug 29, 2012 in Wildlife Photography

Alvin’s Portrait – How’d You Do That?

Having Alvin around has been great fun! Hummers tend to have some personality but Alvin has the extra little bit that just makes you laugh at his antics! I’ve had lots of opportunity to photograph him (know it’s a him from the gorget) over the last couple of months and have enjoyed how he seems to have put smiles on many. That’s just cool! At the same time, folks keep asking how’d I get his portrait? It really is no great secret, nothing magical but it is a whole segment on my Beginning Wildlife Photography course we just filmed. Here’s the recipe, it’s pretty much right out of the Moose Playbook. The gear set up is basic backyard formula, D4, 300f4 AFS & Pocket Wizard III set up on a tripod perhaps 4′ from Alvin. More importantly is the biological setup, something you won’t be able to see until the class is online. Alvin’s perch is a piece of Manzanita that’s in a Justin Clamp on a light stand...

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on Aug 28, 2012 in Random Thoughts

Why We Must Share …

our photography is real simple….. I am sure that you receive hundreds if not thousands of emails from people all around the world asking you for things. This is not one of those emails. I am not sure that given your busy schedule you may not even have an opportunity to read mine, but I wanted to send this to you to say thanks. For what you are probably asking. Simply put Moose, your willingness to share your knowledge, your work and skill with those of us that enjoy America’s wild heritage and vast landscapes. It is inspiring to the next generation of us who love the outdoors. I don’t have the means to travel to all the locations that I would like to photograph, but I really do feel a connection to your work and it makes me feel as if I have visited the place or that I have seen it with my own eyes even though in reality I have not. I have read your books...

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on Aug 28, 2012 in Great Stuff

Vegas Baby – Let’s Roll!

Photoshop World is less than a week away and we (the entire Peterson Herd will be at PSW) can’t wait! There are SO many GREAT folks at PSW, there is simply nothin like it! Well…where can you find me during PSW? The PreCon will be a ton of fun, it was sold out the day it was posted but you’ll find me in the hall in front of the room at least an hour early. There is the Art of Digital presentation where eight of us share nothing but our photographic passion with you. There are my classes, information about them is below (they are completely updated from April!). And you’ll find me on the Expo Floor at either the Epson Booth (ya baby, got prints there!), Wacom booth or the Image Wizards booth (got prints there as well! And you’ll want to find me! Why? First, I want to meet you and put a face to the name. Also, I have some give aways! For example, I have...

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on Aug 27, 2012 in Landscape Photography

It’s Monday, Now What?

OK, you had a great weekend of shooting and now it’s Monday and you’re back to work, now what? It’s no time to stop! I know, you’re at work, how can photography continue when you’re at work? Here’s some thoughts: Plan for next weekend – Think about what you want to shoot this weekend. Places, people, critters, something totally new, whatever it is think about pushing your photography forward. This has to include challenges, how they might arise and how you think you might solve them. Write it down and plan. Practice your handholding – this is something you should do everyday even if you’re not “shooting.” Grab a body and lens, find some object is poor lighting forcing you to work at slower shutter speed and keep this very important skill sharp and ready for the coming weekend! Go through weekend images – Take the time to go through your images and look for successes and failures. Look for the reason for both! Don’t go into “Fix it”...

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