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on Sep 12, 2012 in Aviation

Reno Air Races Baby!!!!

Well, we went from the high of Photoshop World to the high of the Reno Air Races, talk about being fortunate! After taking are of some very important tasks, we arrived to our trailer and friends and good times Monday night. Tuesday we woke to a gorgeous day and the sound of aircraft reving engines…it was heaven! We spent the morning clearing our heads, getting into the flow of things and saying hello to friends. Some of those friends are aircraft and this is one of them. Furious is sporting new scheme designed by our dear friend Bucky.

This amazing Hawker Sea Fury has an illustrious racing career so it was great to see it back in the air. You often don’t think of the underbelly of an aircraft worth photographing but this one most definitely is! Here it is making the bank and coming down towards Home Pylon. Shot with the D4, 200-400AFS on Auto AF, it’s really easily just to pan, shoot and enjoy. The best part though is on either side of me are our boys Brent & Jake and around them all our aviation photog friends. Life is good….