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on Sep 13, 2012 in Aviation

Marvelous Morning…

We’ve been at the Reno Air Races for a few days now but today was our first sunrise shoot. We were very fortunate to have the Spitfire mk14 from the So Cal CAF Wing for a subject! Wow! Now how we got it out on the flight line seems to becoming local legend already!

yesterday, Team Peterson (Jake, Brent and myself) as we’re being called this week went up to the folks to talk some business. We had talked amongst ourselves how we’d like to photograph the Spit, but Jake made the move and made it happen. That’s not the legend. The Spit can’t be pulled out with conventional tow bar so they said we’d have to push it out in the morning. No big deal, done that before.

Come oh dark thirty there we were with the great folks from CAF pushing out the Spit. Normally aircraft are towed out but when the rest of the photogs came out, they just saw Team Peterson deciding they wanted the plane to photograph so just went into the pits and grabbed it. Of course once we got it out of the pits and the sun was starting to glow on the horizon, they saw the CAF Crew and realized what was going on. But the ramp rumor had already started and the jokes began to fly. It was simply a marvelour morning!

As for the photography itself, it’s pretty straight forward. Shooting with the D800/MD with 24-70AFS on a Really Right Stuff Ground Pod, the only thing unique was my wearing new pads. These are all single shots processed nearly 100% in ACR using the Shadow Slider and Split Grad to do the heavy lifting. Simple clicks really.