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on Sep 14, 2012 in Aviation

No Better Background than Clouds!

The first challenge for most aviation photographers is getting a sharp image. It is a very real challenge because them planes scream past. This Tigercat is a great example, winning its heat, you have less than 6sec to get it in the viewfinder, focus and fire and it flies past during the race. The D4’s AF system using Auto coupled to the 200-400AFS & TC-14e makes for pretty fast work of the focusing part. So once you lock down focus (which might take time and good handholding and panning), it’s time to bring life to your aircraft in flight!

I know of no better way than with clouds. In this case, we had a very thin layer and with a slow shutter speed, they streak as you see here and those horizontal lines in the background make #232 Hawker Sea Fury look like it’s screaming by even faster than the Tigercat. It’s such a simple element that can add so much. Backgrounds, they are everything!If you’re at the Reno Air Races this weekend, and you should be, and see me and need help, come ask. I look froward to seeing you!