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on Sep 18, 2012 in Digital Darkroom

Moose & Mac Week 3

Yeap, I’ve had the MacBook Pro for nearly a month now. It just went through two entice weeks of use with Photoshop World and the Reno Air Races. Bottom line and the most important think, it delivers the speed I was looking for! Is the Mac perfect? No, I have locked it up 3 times now. Does it deliver the speed the money promises? It does, and a lot more! At Photoshop World, it did all the presentations, took care of all my mobile business perfectly. Much of this was done with the battery which has a killer life.

At the Reno Air Races, it had to deal with 80-100GB of images everyday. My old work flow was to plug in all the cards, click to upload them all and go to dinner. With the MacBook Pro Retina, that was all blown out of the water! I would plug in the cards into the hub, click Ingest and within minutes the cards were uploaded! I’m serious, I would turn to do another task and I would hear the “dunk” sound from the MacBook telling me it was done. Then when it came to reviewing and filing images, the task again was done in a heartbeat and thank goodness since I was slammed with more shooting than I have ever had before! I was still only getting 4-5hrs of sleep a day but if I didn’t have the MacBook, I would have had much sleep at all or not had the work done.

The MacBook is still a computer and like any computer has its own, special ways and can be locked up but like any computer, you can fix and move forward. But I have no regrets moving over to the Mac for my notebook. Just the speed in Photoshop finishing an image made the price a deal! Keep in mind, I have NOT switched the office which still runs Dels with Win7, I’ve only changed my notebook. As to what I’m using, here’s a list.

MacBook Pro Retina
Magic Mouse
Buffalo 1TB Thunderbird
ioSafe 1TB USB3
Lexar USB 3 Reader
Master Suite – Photoshop / Bridge CS6 Extended
Photo Mechanic 5
PhotoMatix Pro
Photo Rescue
Keynote (App Store)
ScreenFlowFolder (App Store)
Folder Sync Pro (App Store)
CyberDuck (App Store)
SuperDuper (App Store)
Disk Doctor (App Store)