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on Sep 20, 2012 in Just Out!

The D600 – I Think You’ve Got Something Here!

I got the word the D600 was coming just slightly before the world heard about it. The smile on the face of the person telling me about the camera was enough for me to know, it was a camera I would want. So with a quick email, B&H had one on its way to me (do any moment). The first thing you’ve gotta be asking, I know I was, is simply, why? One is the price point, next the lower megapixels, approx 100% viewfinder, then you have the physically size, FX format, 1080p video, wireless abilities and you simply can’t discount that great video that makes you just wanna get out and shoot (especially a cold lover like myself!). You might get an idea just watching the Key Features video (can be a pain to load). In my own mind, this is the D700 repl, and in a big way! I’ve not received the J2 yet but expect the D600 any moment so once I have it and shoot with it, I’ll have more. I have the feeling though that Nikon has something here! Shoot big, travel light!