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on Sep 26, 2012 in Aviation

Tripods Have Legs…

One of my favorite quotes comes from John Shaw, “Tripods have legs, so do you!” Photographers have the bad habit of planting for a photograph and never moving. While some of the time, that is OK, the majority of the time, the first place we stop to make our photograph is not the best. One of the most common comments when criticing images is simple, literally, take one step closer to the subject. Moving can be just that slight in improving your photograph. The main point is, don’t settle!

I’ve posted a couple of these photos already since they were taken last week at the Reno Air Races. F-15s of the OR Air Guard were at Reno doing demo flights and being part of the Heritage Flights. One morning we were down the ramp where they were parked and after a discussion with the guard, we want shooting. The photos are not on the page as they were taken, I’m going to leave that up to your imagination how I went about it. But the first photo I took was the one the first grabbed my eye. Then, thinking there must be more I picked up and moved. And I’m glad I did because I then took the image I like the best. The last photo I took turned out to be my favorite, the last place I parked my tripod.

This means that even after all these years, I still need to move just like anyone else. It means that there is possibly something better around the corner if you go look. There is no guarantee but there is always the possibility and that in itself should make you go and look. When you have a sunrise, sunset of any situation where the light is changing quickly, your moving might have to be quick too. This can create shooting stress and for that, I have no solution. In this case, I was shooting 5 image HDR to get the gorgeous tons on the fuselage. Shooting with the D800 with the 24-70AFS, I started off with the most dramatic light and then followed it around the aircraft (a hint in the order I shot). With light fleeting, I chased it to make the shot so light dedicated my moving. Not settling for the first shot though cool and pushing for more is the only way I could have found the shot I really like. So keep in mind, your tripod has legs, so do you!