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on Oct 31, 2012 in Landscape Photography

The Landscape with Stars

Ever seen those photos of the landscape with a sky full of stars rather than sunshine? I have and when I can, I take them. The problem is, they often don’t turn out all the great. This is the first ones I’ve done with the D4 and I was really impressed by what it was producing. Along with that was just the right combination of lunar and sun light. Pointing the camera northwest from the South Tufa parking lot, you could get a little bit of Mono Lake, Sierra Crest and the heavens. The 24f1.4AFS was still attached, lens set to infinity with gaffers tape holding the focus, ISO to 1600 at f/2.8. I kept lookin around as the shutter was open because the clouds were constantly moving. Seeing a cool scattering, I turned to the southwest and shot. I like htis one because the outhouse airstacks in the photo look like some old western cabin chimney. Opps…did I ruin the illusion for you? These top two photos are...

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on Oct 31, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Pointing Towards the UnKnown

“What if…” I love following what ifs when I’m behind the camera. This last Sunday morning while waiting in the dark for the gang to arrive for our Mono Lake weekend, like normal I was outside with my stare to the heavens. I love stars, grew up in the Sierra on a blanket on warm summer nights watching the heavens. I still do that even though we had a nearly full moon out. Shortly after arriving, the bright moon went behind the Sierra crest and a couple more stars began to appear. At the same time, there were thin clouds floating by. That’s when I had the “what if…” thought go through my mind. So I pulled the camera out. With 45min max before the sun would start to shine, I didn’t go for “star trails” but rather simple point of light source star shots. With the D4 and 24f1.4AFS, I set up and pointed the camera do north. The lens was set to infinity with gaffers tape holding...

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on Oct 31, 2012 in Just Out!

BT Journal digital update

The beauty of iMags and iBooks is you can update them, something we like to take advantage of. So our latest digital edition of the BT Journal now has additional video content. The hardcopy should be mailed to folks within the month. mtc BT Journal Premiere Digital Issue – FREE!Ipad version released 03.30.12 – FREE! (click on icon) Subscriptions like anything iPad is purchased through iTunes. At this time, subscription to hard copy will not include digital copy. Back issues and issues released before the start date of your subscription not...

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on Oct 30, 2012 in Landscape Photography

River Cafe View – WOW!

Click Here To see bigger pano After an amazing day on the water, our very gracious host Howard provide us an amazing dinner beside the water. In true NY style, picked up in a Black Car and whisked across town, we put on our dinner jackets and ate dinner under the Brooklyn Bridge looking over at Manhattan. Me being me, I wasn’t without my camera. So while ordering dinner, before telling them what I wanted, I asked how I could get outside to photograph what you see. I’ve got my priorities! With the D4 w/50f1.4AFS attached, I headed out to take a 3 image, handheld pano. Then I simply dropped it into CS6 to assemble. What a gorgeous night, what a fantastic meal. Thanks...

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