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on Oct 1, 2012 in Landscape Photography

mmmm – mo fire….better!

They initially “blow up” the balloons with large fans, inflating them but giving them no lift. The lift comes from the heat created by the blowers. It all really takes just moments. One minute the balloon is just material on the ground and the next it is towering overhead. It was really cool to see the field all come to life at once as balloon after balloon stood up in the sky. There was a carful balance in how much heat was blown into the balloon to get it up while not enough to launch. The crews were fun to watch, you knew they’d done it before as each knew their place and role. The ambient light level was still low enough so the flame could give the balloon and those folks in the basket a slight glow. That’s what I wanted so I moved quickly looking for the right basket and background to bring that out. I still shot with the same basic MO, blasting the D4 with the 24f1.4AFS (I so love that lens!). Seriously, fun like this almost seems sinful!