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on Oct 3, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Up, Up and Away!

Wait for it…The 5th Dimension starting…Once you can pull yourself away from all the fire, you see balloons taking flight. It is really cool, the sound and sight as they balloons simply lift into the air. There is no way you can cover all the liftoffs, you have to make a choice and go for it. I simply looked for a pattern in the balloons I liked and went for it.

I went for one of the 5-6th balloon to go aloft. I did that because I wanted some flat, some inflating and one balloon going up. I lucked out! The balloon I locked onto went floating right one by as if it were scripted.The basket was heading for a hole in the background so I moved to keep it in that hole hoping it would turn on the burner. That burner not only help with the feeling of hot air lifting the balloon, but being bright, it take the eye right to the basket. My luck had run out, it lifted off without any more assist.

It no sooner got past the spot I wanted with the burner going and it lit up! At that point, the symmetry of all the balloons as lost so while I have flame (I like flame), I had lost the shot. The D4 / 24f1.4 combo though was perfect, between the fast FPS and narro DOF, I thought is was the perfect combo. And I loved working the framing with my feet, it’s a great challenge! So while I like these photos, none knock my socks off, they are just a cool remembrance of a fun morning! Oh, the image finishing…all done in ACR.