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on Oct 10, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Why We Wait

Why do we wait? Why do some not wait? Life as we all know is fast paced, time seems to slip away even though we wish otherwise. So I often wonder as I watch photography, why they seem to want to make life and time go faster than it already does. It is not like if we do wait it guarantees success and often it’s quite the opposite. But when we do wait, even if we do get skunked, we still come away with the sweetness of that time we did stop, smell the roses and wait. I treasure those moment when I can do just that, stop and simply let life blow by me knowing, that’s what life should be doing at that moment

And such was this morning. We got up early and hit the road as usual on K&M Adventures to chase the light. We headed to a favorite Pemiquad Lighthouse, a very unique and moody lighthouse on the ME coast. When we arrived, the light was hidden behind clouds. But we knew with time, it would appear. We just didn’t know how it would appear. So we positioned ourselves for when that moment, if it happened, we could make the photo. What you see is 30min of sweet time just smelling the sea breeze with the sound of the crashing waves waiting. As it happened, the sun broke for just a heartbeat to make this scwheeeet image. This is a single click made with a split grad on the lens and nothing more. Oh, there is that one special ingredient that you can’t buy. Time and a love for just watching life go by.