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on Oct 15, 2012 in Field Reports

MacBook Retina

Well, coming up on my 2nd month with the MacBook Pro Retina and I can honestly say, it is a screamer! Yesterday, other, older MacBook users were in awe as at the speed my Retina had in the digital darkroom. I’ve been on the road now for over a month and have added 1.7TB of images to my library. To be perfectly honest with you, while I might have been able to do the same thing with my Windows machine, I wouldn’t have had slept for the last month! The speed is a life saver! Having the Buffalo 1TB Thunderbird has made all the difference is having the “smaller” Retina. Now when it comes to making presentations, the Retina isn’t as clean as the regular MacBook Pro. Still having issues with running a projector. What I’m running is below..mtc

MacBook Pro Retina
Magic Mouse
Buffalo 1TB Thunderbird
ioSafe 1TB USB3
Lexar USB 3 Reader
Master Suite – Photoshop / Bridge CS6 Extended
Photo Mechanic 5
PhotoMatix Pro
Photo Rescue
Keynote (App Store)
ScreenFlowFolder (App Store)
Folder Sync Pro (App Store)
CyberDuck (App Store)
SuperDuper (App Store)
Disk Doctor (App Store)