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on Oct 16, 2012 in Aviation

It Intrigues Me to No End!

The A6M Zero intrigues me to no end because this very simple looking plane caused us so much trouble in WWII. Lightweight (1 person can push it our of a hangar), agile, fragile and 1 bullet could blow it up, at the beginning of WWII it and its pilots just caused havoc in the Pacific. At the beginning of our K&M Adventures in ME, we were at the Wiscasset at their airshow that featured my good friends of the Texas Legends Flying Museum. Warren was at the stick and man, can he show off this planes abilities! This is a simple, D4 / 200-400 ground to air shot.

Earlier that same day, my buds asked if I wanted to go flying…do a “little” air to air? Well Duh, you think?! So we went up for a 90min flight over the Maine cost and the Atlantic. Seeing the Zero over the water was really quite a visual treat. And it didn’t suck either! Shooting out of a Piper Cherokee with the D4 and 70-200VR2, I was able at times to just focus on the Zero. It made me wonder what it would have been like to be a teenager in a FM-2 seeing this below me just moments before diving on it for the kill