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on Oct 19, 2012 in Landscape Photography

Spectacular City on a Spectacular Day!

From the water with that amazing backdrop, the New York skyline was better than picture perfect! Today, it’s pouring rain in NYC, during the MooseCruise Photofloat though, it was simply spectacular! It was one of those times when working with big guns like B&H and Lexar really paid off since participants only paid $25 for this killer three hour tour of delight!

Have to be really honest, it was really hard shooting! Simply put, I couldn’t shoot fast enough to capture all the great views! I filed 1426 images yesterday and I was teaching! At every foot of the trip, new photo opps appeared. I was attracted to the overall shot of course, but real quickly I was looking at the details. I would start wide (shooting D4 w/70-200 at 70mm) and then slowly zoom in to get tight.

Being on a boat had a ying and a yang. The ying is you’re shooting from the water so you can see the whole view, much like shooting in a forest. In the midst of the forest, hard to tell the story of all the trees. Step back just a little bit to the edge and you can tell it all. Same with a city like NYC which has its own man made valleys.

The yang of working on a boat is, it’s always moving. You never have the opportunity for the same image twice let alone fixing a mistake. On the flip side, as the boat floats on down the Hudson, we got multiple views and lighting patterns on buildings. These shots of the Freedom Tower is just such an example of that. And look at that light! OMG!!! The light was magical that entire cruise! This made finishing real simple, just a quick click on my Preset in ACR and I was done. Simply an amazing day. mtc