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on Oct 22, 2012 in WRP Ed Zone

Saturday Fun & Teaching

Saturday we spent the day with some great folks looking at light. We went to the Great Falls, NJ to take advantage of this little slice of nature in the middle of industry to play with light. We worked with nature and with models, this is the very lovely Olena. This first photo was taken in broad daylight at highnoon! Can you tell? Shot with the D4 and 50f/1.4AFS (@ f/2.8), there is a Lastolite 1 stop Trigrip diffuser literally resting on the lens barrel just out of frame. This is right out of the Joe McNally magical world of great lighting play book that I learned from him. It’s real simple, big, wrapping light source in relationship to the subject. The light is the sun, a small light source far away. The Lastolite makes that light much bigger and wrapping. And Olena, well what a great subject to wrap in light!

Then I saw this killer stairway and at first, shot it as just a cool stairway. Then the top that Olena was wearing got me thinking and you see the outcome. I would have love to had more light shaping tools to make more of the situation. What we did was a real simple click shot with D4 and 70-200VR2 (@f/11) and the light falling on the sign. Really doesn’t do justice to Olena but she had fun working it.

I was very fortunate to co-led the teaching with my good bud Jeff Cable. During his session, he had Olena working this large wall in the shade. I mean, deep shade! Using though a Soft Gold Lastolite Trigrip again just out of the frame even though it had no direct light hitting it, you can see how it opened up the shadows and lit up Olena’s gorgeous brown eyes. The background is very important to me, so Olena was leaning in a specific spot and the Lastolite was not flat but bent and curved to sculpt the light to wrap it around Olena’s feature. What we did was a real simple click shot with D4 and 70-200VR2 (@f/8)

It was a great day exploring light. We started with fall color, then worked with our models and then finished up with Great Falls. The whole time, we were looking at light which, not matter if your subject is a leaf, rock, person or critter, you learn light and you can apply it to anything to tell it and your story. Thanks to all for a great day!