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on Oct 25, 2012 in Digital Darkroom, Field Reports

Moose & Mac – Month 2

Well, finishing up my 2nd month with the MacBook Pro Retina and to say I really, really, really am enjoying it is an understatement! I’m just getting back in the office after basically a 5 week road trip (I did come home for 38hrs after week 2) with nearly 2TB of new images! I did not change up my basic system since I got the Retina, using 2 ioSafe 1TB USB3 as my digital library and the Buffalo 1TB Thunderbolt as an extension of the internal SSD of the Retina. On the road, it worked great. I did learn a couple of things like, when Bridge is building a cache (I use Bridge to manage all my finished files only), don’t close the lid on the Retina and walk back to your room. Spent the next hour making that all happy again.

On the road, the workflow screamed thank goodness as I was jumpin! Images brought in with Photo Mechanic and filed and backed up on the ioSafe (TSA did not like all the hard drives I was toting!), images to be finished coped to a Temp folder where they were launched in ACR and finished in Photoshop. The speed, the freakin speed of this notebook is bloody amazing and to be honest with you, my older system would have let me down bigtime! I drove Photo Mechanic & Photoshop with the Wacom Intuos 5 which I’ve programmed the Express Keys to speed up things even more. The real life saver to me of all was the battery life of the Retina. Even with the two external drives attached, I had over two hours of operational time with plenty of time leftover. Amazing!

The only new thing in the mix is using Keynote Remote on the iPad to run Keynote on the Retina remotely. Hooking up the Retina to projectors is still a royal pain in the ass. Retina just doesn’t like VGA but is very happy with DVI/HDMI which means I have to stick to new projectors which is a challenge when you’re a guest presenter. The Keynote Remote & Keynote is working great after “customizing” it to do my thing. Now I know the issues, I’ve made a couple of work around to be able to function.

The big test for me though was getting back to the office and the digital library. With all my preroad trip testing, would all the work I did on the Mac on the road be Ok with the Windows 7 digital library. The biggest thing is the ioSafe drives talking to both systems happily. I’m so happy to say, it all worked flawlessly. After 26hrs, all files moved to the network NAS and backed up. Phew! But here’s the kicker. While on the road, a backhoe working on a neighbors home cut through ALL the electrical/internet cables causing an immediate blackout of the office. While everything is on UPS, my desktop, a Dell that is 13yrs old that is my basic office management, writing, email machine took a hit. So now the question is, what do I replace it with. Yeap, I’m looking into a Mac for the desktop. I realize I could use my Retina and in the meantime, I am and it’s doing a great job, but I need the extra machine. I’m a multi tasking fanatic! The bottomline for me, other than the working with a projector issue, the Retina simply rocks!

MacBook Pro Retina
Wacom Intuos5 Medium Pen & Touch Tablet
Magic Mouse
Buffalo 1TB Thunderbolt
ioSafe 1TB USB3
Lexar USB 3 Reader
Master Suite – Photoshop / Bridge CS6 Extended
Photo Mechanic 5
PhotoMatix Pro
Photo Rescue
Keynote (App Store)
ScreenFlow (App Store)
Folder Sync Pro (App Store)
CyberDuck (App Store)
SuperDuper (App Store)
Disk Doctor (App Store)