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on Oct 26, 2012 in Aviation, Just Out!

Taking Flight – Simply Blown Away!

Taking Flight – Your Start in Aviation Photography bought in 13 countries, that is so cool! Folks continue to buy and best of all, write us about out ground breaking iBook from around the globe. It is just so cool! Many have found it’s a photography book just as much about photography as it is about aviation photography and that was the whole idea. Most are really digging how Brent put it together making learning funnier, cooler and easier. That was the idea as well. And many have found the offer earlier this month about receiving an autographed cover when they email me their iTunes receipt asking if we”re still making that offer. How can I say no to all of those great emails! As long as you’re in North America (sorry, mailing out of country is just too expensive anymore), email me your receipt up until 11.03.12 and we’ll send you an autographed cover (those who did so in the last couple of weeks, your covers go out Monday). Thanks to all who have made this iBook such a hit! And wait…there’s mtc!


App Store

  • Optimized for the New iPad! Enjoy the highest resolution possible.
  • Compatible with all iPads (if using an original iPad, please be patient during use)
  • Hundreds of images, from best to worst, so you know exactly what works and what does not
  • Detailed captions. Know everything there is about the image you are looking for
  • Videos on key techniques like Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, with more to come. Go beyond words!